Access Points

You may enter the Palmetto Express lanes northbound from:

  • North of SW 8 Street (between SW 8 Street and W. Flagler Street)

  • North of NW 25 Street (between NW 25 Street and NW 36 Street)

  • North of NW 74 Street (between NW 74 Street and Okeechobee Road)

You may exit the Palmetto Express lanes northbound:

  • North of NW 154 Street

  • By connecting directly from the Palmetto Express lanes to the 75 Express lanes. The first exit from the 75 Express lanes will be just south of NW 170 Street in Miami-Dade County.

You may enter the Palmetto Express lanes southbound from:

  • North of NW 154 Street

  • By connecting directly from the 75 Express lanes to the Palmetto Express lanes. The entrance on I-75 to the 75 Express lanes in Miami-Dade County will be south of NW 170 Street.

You may exit the Palmetto Express lanes southbound:

  • At NW 74 Street

  • At NW 25 Street

  • At SW 24 Street/Coral Way

You may enter the 75 Express lanes southbound between NW 170 Street and SR 826/Palmetto Expressway:

  • Just south of NW 170 Street

You may exit  the 75 Express northbound between SR 826/Palmetto Expressway and NW 170 Street:

  • Just south of NW 170 Street (for traffic heading to Miami Gardens Drive)

For access points on the 75 Express lanes north of NW 170 Street, please refer to the 75 Express access map at the bottom of this page.

If you need to get off the Palmetto Expressway or I-75 before the end of the express lanes DO NOT enter the express lanes. Use the local traffic lanes.

If you enter the I-75/Palmetto Express lanes unintentionally, please stay in the express lanes until you can safely exit at the end. Remain calm, do not stop or weave in between the plastic poles.

Access points are limited on express lanes because they are meant for long distance travel only. Express lanes entrances and exits are limited to improve traffic flow by reducing the number of vehicles changing lanes in and out of the facility. This reduction of lane changing also maximizes safety along the facility.

 Palmetto Express

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I - 75

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